Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Date: 8/03/18
Title: fathers day

“Happy fathers day!” I shouted. Then my brother,
sister and me all ran into our mum and dad’s room.
We each took turns to show our stuff to our dad.
First my sister then my brother and last me.
I had some videos and a card for him.

After that we had breakfast and then Me and my
brother went to our room and played with the
lego for a while it was fun.
Soon it got boring and we went on to our
Chromebooks we both were looking for fathers day stuff for our
Soon it was lunchtime and I had a break off my
Chromebook to have some lunch, for lunch me and my family
had noodles,beef,vegetables and mashed potatoes it was yum.

Then I went back on my Chromebook.
For dinner we had pizza and potatoes it was yum.
That night we went to bed and went to sleep.

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