Friday, 27 July 2018

It was  bright and sunny day we were  on our way to my cousin’s birthdays.
My Nani Liz, Brother Tyrone ,Sister Abbey and me all got in the car for the fun day at my  cousin’s birthdays. It was only 10 minutes after we left and I got bored. We started to play I spy.

When we got to the party we unpacked  then went to play. At first I went on the trampoline,Then a whole heap of other kids came and we started to play rugby.

Then suddenly I saw same thing in the kitchen is it presents? Is it toys? No it’s food. “Yummm” I thought so I ran inside to have lunch. There was chocolate fingers, little red sausages,sausage rolls and more. After lunch we played rugby again, It was 3 on 3 I had the ball and was running, then I got tackled it was fun.  

“Presents time” my Aunty Karey shouted, I rushed to the house and I watched my cousin’s open their presents, Kase got smashers and Ashley got a Barbie toy. It was from me. It was home time we all got back in the car and went back home. Abbey and Tyrone fell asleep and Nani and I talked all the way home. That night we had a barbecue for dinner. It was fun at my cousin’s party.

Math Dlo