Friday, 24 November 2017

WALT:to create advertisements

WALT:to create advertisements

what i did right : I said what we were selling,location, I've got Happy music

Thursday, 16 November 2017


we will check them tomorrow and 3. 15/11/17

  1. We put seven eggs in the containers
  2. We checked the eggs no further change in the color or shell  this is the cologthy7u8 cvbnm─r the stick went when we dipped it in milk
  3. We put the eggs back in the containers
  4. To finish off we put the containers on the window  
  1. We immersed the p h strip.
  2. Then we waited for 9 ms and then the colors . started to change.  
  3. We took the strip and matched the colors to the ph scale.
  4. In the red bull zero the egg has  got no  skin. The E 2 has turned the egg green but in the red bull it has some skin gone the same happened to the egg in the orange juice it’s like the sun burn I got ones. In the coke it’s developing crake. the red bull has some Bubbles on it.

Our class science

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