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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

WALT: write explanation writing about sportsmanship


What is sportsmanship

Good Sportsmanship is respecting your Teammates,opponents,reef and couch.
Good sportsmanship is one of the life lessons that children can learn from sports.
You can help your children understand and value good sportsmanship while
making sure they have a safe and fun sports experience.  

what does being a good sports person mean

Being a good sports person means doing nice thing like shaking  others hand before or after a game and saying good game if you do or do not win. There are lots of ways to show good sportsmanship like playing fair. Follow the rules of the game. It might seem easier to win by doing things a different way (cheating), but everyone has to follow the rules. Good sportsmen want to win because they followed the rules and played the best game they could. Never support any effort to win that attempts to go around the rules. Cheating is not acceptable.

In  conclusion  if you lose, don't make up excuse. If you win, don't rub it in. Whether your team wins or loses, it's important to show respect for the effort of the other team. If the other team wins, accept defeat, acknowledge their abilities, and move on. Always do your best. If someone else makes a mistake don’t  be mean to them Show respect for yourself, your team, and the officials of the game.

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